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Chen Hongliang, Prof / 陈红亮 教授

Chen Hongliang is an associate professor at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an osteopathic massage expert at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is one of the first batch of representative inheritors of the high-quality traditional Chinese medicine academic school “Luo Shi Bone Adjustment and Tendon Management” in Henan. He has been engaged in massage research, medical treatment, teaching, and writing of massage textbooks for a long time. Currently a registered acupuncturist and masseur in Saskatchewan, Canada. He successively studied under Luo Youming, an old lady from Shuangqiao, Liu Shijie, an orthopedic expert at the Air Force General Hospital, and graduate tutor Professor Wang Hualan from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Training”, “Acupuncture and Massage”, “Massage Therapeutics”, “Chinese Pediatric Massage”, deputy editor-in-chief. He is good at using bone-setting massage techniques and acupuncture to quickly, safely and comprehensively relieve various common pains and difficult diseases.

陈红亮,河南中医药大学副教授,河南中医药大学第三附属医院正骨推拿专家。河南首批优质中医学术流派“罗氏正骨理筋”代表传承人,长期从事推拿科研、医疗、教学、推拿学教材编写工作。现加拿大萨省注册针灸师、推拿师。先后拜师于双桥老太太罗有明、空军总医院新医正骨专家刘世杰、研究生导师——河南中医药大学王华兰教授,担任国家十二五、十三五统一规划教材《推拿治疗学》、《推拿实训》、《针灸推拿学》、《推拿治疗学》、《中国儿科推拿学》副主编、担任《推拿功法学》、《推拿手法学》、《推拿学》编委。擅长运用正骨推拿手法、针法结合快速安全全方位解除各种常见疼痛及疑难杂症。 St Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1L7

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