BIO of:

Cyrus Wu / 吴璟秀 医师

Registered Acupuncturist, R.Ac, in British Columbia
Director of the Association of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Canada (AACMC)
Director of the Circulife Foundation
Canada Eye Care Angel
Born in Taipei, with a father who is an expert in bioresonance medicine, Cyrus was inspired by health industry from a young age through constant exposure. Currently based in British Columbia, she aims to support the development of Chinese medicine and integrative medicine abroad through continuous learning, research, and education. Cyrus focuses on Chinese medicine for beauty and body shape management, detoxification and balance therapies, and courses and treatments related to the physical and mental growth of women.

卑詩省註冊針灸師 R.Ac
加拿大中医针灸联盟常务理事 AACMC
生命公益基金會理事長 Circulife Foundation Director
加拿大護眼天使 Canada Eye Care Angel
出生於台北,父親為生物能醫學專家,自青少年時期耳濡目染,對健康產業產生興趣。目前職業於卑詩省。希望透過持續的學習、研究與教育幫助中醫及整合醫學在海外的發展。專注於中醫美容及體態管理、排毒與平衡療法與女性身心靈成長等相關療程與課程。 St Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1L7

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