Dr. Murate Topglu


• He was born in Avanos in 1960.
• He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine in 1984 and started his first acupuncture studies in Switzerland in the same year.
• In 1985 he was educated at the Acupuncture Academy in Colombo, Sri-Lanka by the Ministry of Health.
• Participated in the 4th European Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine held in Copenhagen, Denmark.
• In 1988 he went to China to master the acupuncture treatment.
• After studying this in Shanghai and Hong Kong in Beijing, he continued his observations and observations in the Philippines and the United States.
• On 5-8 December 1990, WFAS and WHO (World Health Organization) invited to the 2nd World congress in Paris, France and presented a paper on Obesity and acupuncture therapy.
• On 25-28 June 1992 in Hungary, the capital city of Budapest, also held in Budapest, “Migraine Acupuncture Treatment” presented a paper on the subject.
• In recent years, she has trained in Paris and Barcelona on the reduction of cellulite, local fatness and fat by rapidly developing medical and aesthetic Mesotherapy in the world.
• On November 20-23, 1993, he participated in the 3rd World Congress of Acupuncture in Kyoto, Japan.
• Held in Turkey in 1994 did the General Secretariat of the International Symposium on Acupuncture.
• On September 20, 1996, he presented a paper on Obesity and Acupuncture at the International Congress held in New York City, USA.
• November 1, 1996 in the town of Cervia in Italy conducted by WHO and the determination of acupuncture norms issued by the Milan Medical School, participated as an observer on behalf of Assambleya to Turkey.
• He was also present at the congress of World Federation of Acupuncture Societies in China, held in October-November 1997.
• Dr. Murat TOPOĞLU, who was invited from Brazil in the Chinese Medicine Congress in Brazil in November 1998, made a lecture and workshop on obesity treatment.
• He participated in the ear acupuncture congress held in Las Vegas, USA on 12-16 August 1999. The National Ear Acupuncture test, which was conducted here, also successfully passed and earned the right to work on this topic in America.
• He participated in the Ear Acupuncture Congress in Lyon, France, in May 2000.
• 4 to 6 October 2002, he attended the meeting in Turkey nd National Obesity Association.
• He taught at the Acupuncture Course in 2003, which was opened by Gazi University Faculty of Medicine.
• Yeditepe University and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty were selected to provide training to medical doctors in the Acupuncture Course.
• In 2005, he received the Ministry of Health Medical Aesthetic Application Certificate. (Document No. 945 Date 12.07.2005)
• Between 1991-2005 he was the General Secretary of the Acupuncture Department.
• Dr.Murat Topoğlu continues to work as the owner of Acupuncture Treatment Clinic in Şişli.
• Between 2005 and 2012, France also participated in medical aesthetic congresses held in Paris.
• elected president Acupuncture Association of Turkey since 2014 still remains the presidency.
• Ankara New Century University, currently approved by the Ministry of Health, teaches acupuncture in Istanbul Medipol and Yeditepe Medical Faculties.
• 2014 Houston attended WFAS congress in America.
• 2015 Toronto Canada attended WFAS congress.
• He participated in WFAS congresses of Tokyo Japan in 2016 and presented on Obesity and Laser acupuncture.
• 2017 December WFAS World Congress in Beijing. This congress has approved the decision in 2019. WFAS World Congress held in Turkey.
• He is a executive member of WFAS
• Dr. Murat Topoğlu speaks English French,




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