Topic: The Four Characteristics of the Classic Formula and Syndrome

Dr. Huang Huang


Renowned Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Dean of the International Jingfang Institute at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Representative Inheritor of the Longsha Medical School under the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
In the 1980s, Huang Huang mainly focused on the teaching and research of academic schools of traditional Chinese medicine. Since the 1990s, he has concentrated on the standardization research and modern application of Jingfang (classical prescription) and its syndrome differentiation, and has been dedicated to the promotion and popularization of Jingfang. He advocates the “Prescription-Disease-Patient Diagnosis and Treatment Model” based on syndrome differentiation, emphasizing the holistic concept and generalist thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, and promoting the internationalization and popularization of Jingfang medicine centered on the classics “Shanghanlun” and “Jinkuiyaolue”. Representative academic monographs include “Ten Major Categories of Chinese Medicine Prescriptions”, “Zhang Zhongjing’s 50 Medicinal Herbs and Their Syndromes”, “Huang Huang’s Jingfang User Manual”, “Huang Huang’s Jingfang Medical Talks”, “Jingfang Syndrome Differentiation”, and more.


This study describes the four characteristics of the classic formula and syndrome, including authentic and reliable, objective and easy to learn, vivid and expressive, as well as intuitive and simple. The above four characteristics reflect the unique charm of the classic formula. In terms of the classic formula, it is not only the core technology of clinical practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but also the carrier of TCM mode of thinking, and the inheritance and innovation of TCM. Thus, it is vital to pay attention to the teaching and research of the classic formula and syndrome.

Key words: classic formula / correspondence between formula and syndrome / four characteristics


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