Topic:Syndrome-pulse-prescription mode is used to treat post-herpetic neuralgia in the chest and flank area caused by herpes zoster.Topic:

Dr. YongKai Huang


Huang Yongkai, male, born in January 1971. He was formerly the deputy director and deputy chief physician of the Nephrology Department at the Inner Mongolia Armed Police General Hospital. In June 1999, he obtained a master’s degree in internal medicine from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University. In December 2006, he was promoted to associate chief physician and became a master’s supervisor at Inner Mongolia Medical University.During his master’s degree, he studied traditional Chinese medicine treatment for rheumatism under the guidance of Professor Fan Yongsheng, a nationally renowned TCM expert, doctoral supervisor, chief scientist of the national “973” project, recipient of the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, guidance teacher of the fourth batch of national senior TCM experts for academic experience inheritance, and president of the Zhejiang TCM Association.He also learned TCM treatment for tumors and gynecological diseases from Professor He Ren, a national “Master of Chinese Medicine”, expert in academic experience inheritance of senior TCM experts nationwide, and authority on the “Synopsis of Golden Chamber” during his master’s degree.In July 2015, during his acupuncture training at the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, he studied the use of acupuncture to treat insomnia, metabolic disorders, stroke, facial paralysis, various pains, soft tissue injuries, and osteoarthritis under the guidance of Director Shi Xian, chief physician and chairman of the Chinese Acupuncture Association, member of the TCM Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, and known as the “miraculous needle in the military” by patients. Huang has published one monograph, “Huang Yongkai’s Guide to Prescription Teaching”, by the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press. He has also published more than ten articles in national core journals such as the Journal of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, New Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Journal of the Armed Police Medical College. Huang is a member of the Zhongjing Branch of the Inner Mongolia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Respiratory Disease Branch of the Inner Mongolia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Geriatric Medicine Branch of the Inner Mongolia Medical Association. He has won second and third prizes for medical technology progress in the armed police force. During his acupuncture training at the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, he was awarded the “Excellent Trainee of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army”.He is skilled in using traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat allergic rhinitis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, herpes zoster, facial paralysis, stroke, cervical spondylosis, dysmenorrhea, functional uterine bleeding, menopausal syndrome, chronic glomerulonephritis, proteinuria, and uremia.


  1. What is the “syndrome-pulse-prescription” model?
  2. Using four clinical cases as examples, explain how to use the “syndrome-pulse-prescription” model for precise and efficient treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia in the chest and rib area.


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