Dr. Chen Decheng

Dong Jing  Acupuncture Therapy Training Course

Training Date: June 09, 2024

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Dr. Chen Decheng, Ph.D in Acupuncture, is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York, USA. Currently He is President of New York Natural Acupuncture and Wellness, he holds the position of President at the American TCM Acupuncture Inheritance Association. Dr. Chen Decheng is also the Vice President of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies' Committee on External Therapies and a member of the Executive Committee of the WFAS. Notably, he is the inventor of Motion Acupuncture, holding two patents related to this innovative technique and needle.


Educationally, Dr. Chen Decheng earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and his Ph.D. from Nanjing University of TCM. Prior to his current roles, he worked at the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Research Institute of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, China, In 2001, he immigrated to the United States, amassing over 30 years of extensive clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.


Dr. Chen Decheng is a prolific author, having written 17 specialized books on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Some notable titles include "Chinese Acupuncture Monotherapy," "Chinese Acupuncture for Specific Points," "Comprehensive Book of Chinese Acupuncture for Beauty and Anti-aging," and "Motion Acupuncture Therapy." In addition to his books, he has published over 100 noteworthy articles on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Chen Decheng is currently dedicated to the global promotion and training of Motion Acupuncture.


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Course Info:

1: Learning Objectives


  • Selection of Motion Acupoints
  • Operation of Motion Acupuncture Needles
  • Live Demonstration of Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures
  • Interactive Q&A


2: Detailed Course Description


Motion Acupuncture Therapy is a new acupuncture technique pioneered by Dr. Chen Decheng. It comprises five components: motion acupoints, motion needles, motion technique, motion mode and motion theory. This therapy integrates traditional acupuncture theories and techniques with modern knowledge in anatomy, histology, fasciology, kinesiology, and the physiological dynamics of muscles. Its goal is to stimulate and manipulate soft tissues through acupuncture, promoting self-healing processes to prevent and treat various diseases. Motion Acupuncture Therapy is renowned for its simplicity in selecting acupoints, precision in treatment, and rapid therapeutic effects.


The motion needle, patented by Dr. Chen Decheng, is characterized by a needle body with edges and a spiral structure. Special needle techniques, such as needle retention and lifting, are applied at motion acupoints—treatment points determined through the "three-step in one process." Combined with patient-guided motion exercises under the supervision of a doctor, the treatment follows three key steps: foundation in finding acupoints, critical needle insertion, and the core focus on movement. This process aids in the repair of pathological fascia, muscle relaxation, and joint repositioning. Motion Acupuncture Therapy is primarily used to treat soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, joint issues, movement disorders, and related visceral diseases. The book "Motion Acupuncture Therapy" was published by People's Health Publishing House in 2020 and has received acclaim from experts and colleagues in the field, both domestically and internationally.


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